Are you a Workaholic? Here are some signs:

These days it’s hard to separate our work life from our home life, which may be why most Americans these days consider themselves workaholics.

A new poll finds that 48% of Americans consider themselves to be workaholics, with 28% saying they work so hard because they have to for financial reasons. Just how much does work seep into our private lives? Well, 58% of workers say they check work email while they are still in bed in the morning, with the average American spending four hours a week working for free, and another four hours thinking about work.

So, how do you know if you’re a workaholic? According to the poll, the top sign is that you prioritize your work before your personal life (54%), followed by worrying about work on a day off (51%).Other signs you’re a workaholic include:

  • Struggling to switch off or actually working while on a vacation (50%)
  • Checking emails in the middle of the night (48%)
  • Being the first person to get to work and last to leave (46%)
  • Feeling pressured or too busy to take annual leave (46%)
  • Working through lunch (45%)
  • Feeling anxious or lost if you don't check in/know what's happening at work (45%)
  • Being told by friends/family you work too much (44%)
  • Checking emails first thing in the morning (39%)

Source:SWNS Digital

Photo: Getty Images


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