What's the Most Stressful Age??

The Most Stressful Age Is . . . 36

If you asked the average American what the most stressful age of their lives was, they'd probably say however old they are right now. But there is an actual answer, according to research.

A study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of MitoQ finds American feels the most stressed at 36.

They didn't explain how they got that number . . . so we're assuming it was just the average response from a poll.

But it makes sense: People are really drilling into "adulting" by that age with a mortgage, family, and career . . . and their 30s may be the decade they have the least amount of free time.

There's some good news, though. Nearly two-thirds of people say they're better at managing stress than they were 10 years ago . . . although 18% of people say they feel stress "all the time."

People say "sleep problems" is the #1 thing that tips them off that they're stressed. Headaches are #2, followed by food cravings, high blood pressure, and brain fog. 

(Study Finds/SWNS)

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