Guest Jumps Out of Line to Slap a Harry Potter Goblin

This guest jumped out and did what? There are strict rules when you go to a theme park. Now, for whatever reason, some guests at these parks feel like rules just do not apply. That brings us to Universal Studios in Orlando. One guest decided to jump out of line, of course being encouraged to do so from a friend, and slap an animatronic character at the Harry Potter attraction.

You may be asking yourself, "Why?" Is that really a question. TikTok. Yup, the very loud slap was shared all over TikTok for people to check out. One it began to go "viral" the person did remove the video and there is no word whether or not the animatronic character was damaged.

But, there's alway a good lesson. Nothing is EVER deleted from the internet. So, thanks to YouTube... Here's the video.