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Inside National Memorial Day Concert 2024 with Bryan Cranston & more

National Memorial Day Concert 2024 on PBS

Photo: Capitol Concerts / pbs

Celebrating Sacrifice and Storytelling: Inside the National Memorial Day Concert 2024 with Bryan Cranston, Joe Mantegna, Gary Sinise, Cynthia Erivo & more

As the nation prepares to observe Memorial Day, a day of profound remembrance and solemn honor for those who have fallen in service to our country, the National Memorial Day Concert offers a poignant tribute. The concert is an annual event that captivates audiences with its blend of emotional storytelling and musical excellence and features prominent figures who come together to reflect on the true meaning of the day. For the 2024 edition of National Memorial Day Concert, celebrated actors Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinise once again return to host. Through touching true life stories of our nations heroes, and through songs honoring them, Bryan Cranston, Cynthia Erivo, Ruthie Ann Miles, BD Wong, Jamey Johnson, Mary McCormack and Jenna Malone join the concert to share their heartfelt connections and honor our heroes.

Bryan Cranston talks with Kyle McMahon about 2024 National Memorial Day Concert on PBS

Photo: Kyle McMahon Media LLC

In a recent episode of "Pop Culture Weekly with Kyle McMahon," listeners are treated to a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the concert's rehearsals and exclusive interviews with the performers. Joe Mantegna, marking his 20th year of involvement, and Gary Sinise, in his 16th year, opened up about their unwavering commitment to the annual event. Mantegna shared, "This is the most important holiday we celebrate in this country because it allows us to have all those other holidays." Sinise added, "It's a special way for the nation to recognize that a price has been paid... there's a cost for what we enjoy here in this country."

BD Wong, an actor of incredible versatility, discussed the impact of the concert and the significance of its storytelling. "What being a human being is all about actually is storytelling and passing on stories to generations and people to come," Wong reflected. His insights into the role of performance arts in our lives remind us of the profound connections between art, memory, and honor.

The episode also highlighted Ruthie Ann Miles' stirring rendition of "Aloha Oe," a song that resonates deeply with themes of farewell and remembrance. Explaining the song's meaning, Miles noted, "It's really sobering and really touching. It feels very personal and yet it also feels unifying." Listeners are encouraged to not only tune into the concert but also to engage in supporting military and veterans through crisis resources and volunteerism. The message is clear: the spirit of Memorial Day is one of active remembrance and ongoing support for those who have served.

Gary Sinise Joe Mantegna

Photo: Capital Concerts

As the podcast episode concluded after a conversation with Bryan Cranston, it was a reminder that the stories shared on Memorial Day are universal, powerful, and deserving of our attention. Cranston, who is set to narrate a story during the concert, remarked, "I'm honored to be here, to be able to tell his story in a way, and in front of him. He doesn't know I'm here... but it doesn't matter, I know who he is now."

The National Memorial Day Concert is not just an event; it's a testament to the power of art to move, to commemorate, and to inspire collective gratitude. As we approach Memorial Day, let us join Mantegna, Sinise, Wong, and many others in honoring the sacrifices of our military personnel. In the words of Joe Mantegna, "Celebrate Memorial Day, but celebrate the what this holiday is really all about." Don't miss the National Memorial Day Concert, airing live on PBS on May 26th at 8 pm Eastern. It's a time to come together as a nation, to listen, to remember, and to say thank you to those who have given their all - for you, for me, for us.


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