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Amazon eero Max 7: A Leap Into the Future of Home Networking & Wi-Fi

Amazon Eero Max 7 Review - the future of home networking

REVIEW: Amazon's eero Max 7 is A Leap Into the Future of Home Networking & Wi-Fi

The world of Wi-Fi and Home Networking is ever evolving and after having used the Amazon eero Max 7 tri-band mesh wifi router system the last few weeks, it stands out as a beacon of innovation, harnessing the power of Wi-Fi 7 technology to transform literally everything I do online. This whole home mesh system isn't just about speed - it transforms your whole home networking experience into something easy enough for beginners and advanced enough for pros. And whether you have a small apartment or a giant mansion, the mesh system technology ensures that there is no lapse or dead zones of coverage - just add as many units as you need. This is - by far - the best Wi-Fi / Home Networking system on the market. 

The eero Max 7 breaks away from the previous versions designs to give a great looking tower form, which can fit in with any decor in any home, apartment or even business. With my home being furnished almost exclusively from IKEA, it fits perfectly right in with my minimalist vibe. It's well ventilated, so there's no need for a noisy internal fan. So the system is attractive and quiet.

Amazon Eero Max 7 Review

Amazon Eero Max 7 ReviewPhoto: Amazon

At the heart of the eero Max 7 is the Wi-Fi 7 capability that can hit nearly 10 Gbps wired, while wireless speeds can hit up to 4.3 Gbps. That's an INSANE amount of data and speed. This means that it's just not ridiculously fast, it is future proof as the rest of the industry catches up. In fact, the median internet speed in the United States is currently about 300 Mpbs - Eero Max 7 can handle 800% faster speeds than that. Obviously, you'll need your Internet Service Provider to offer those speeds, but whatever speeds you sign up for, the Eero Max 7 can handle it easily. So when your ISP catches up, the eero Max 7 will be quietly looking handsome in your corner ready to handle it.

You know I'm a huge Smart Home advocate and eero Max 7 has a presence there too! Besides being a router, it acts as a Smart Home Hub, supporting Amazon Alexa, Zigbee and Thread (which means Apple HomeKit & Google Home, too). Each unit works together to strengthen your Smart Home, meaning much quicker response times and far less down time. If one of my other Thread devices happens to go down for some reason, eero Max 7 is there like a stoic rock helping to keep everything else online. It really is an incredible feature and genius to have it built into your Home Networking system.

Amazon Eero Max 7

Photo: Amazon

I had mentioned earlier how the eero Max 7 system is easy enough for beginners and advanced enough for pros. It's all done through the Eero app which makes set up super simple. Seriously, the app walks you through every step - step by step - from unboxing to setting up to optimizing. Your grandmother could do it. I particularly liked the feature that helps you place the various units around your home so you know you're getting maximum coverage. In fact, now that I've switched to Eero Max 7, my coverage extends to my backyard, so I can be on my deck soaking up the sun with my laptop. Even better, it's backwards compatible with the rock solid Amazon eero 6+ dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system as well!

If you're looking for the best of the best in Home Networking, there is no other option than the Amazon eero Max 7. The premium price tag reflects its position as a top tier product. If you don't need the very best of the best, go with the Eero 6 Pro system, which itself is a leader at its price point. But if you are looking for best in class, maximum coverage, the highest speed capabilities and a system that can handle even the most complicated Smart Homes, you need the Eero Max 7. It's a remarkable leap forward in Home Networking that offers a blend of speed, aesthetics and Smart Home integration that is THE standard we should now expect from any other router and Home Networking system in the space.

Huge thanks to my friends at Amazon for letting me test out this incredible system.

You can buy the Amazon eero 7 Max 7 tri-band mesh wifi router system on Amazon here! Or check out the Amazon eero 6+ dual band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system on Amazon here!


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