Kissing can help fight wrinkles....WHAT!

According to health experts, kissing has tons of health benefits ... which means we should spend a whole lot more time doing it. Here’s why:

It fights cavities: Kissing increases saliva production, which washes bacteria and plaque off your teeth and gums.

It reduces stress: Don’t like yoga? You can get the same benefit and natural high from a good old-fashioned makeout session!

It fights wrinkles: Kissing makes you work your facial muscles, and working out those muscles keeps that skin tight and firm.

It burns calories: Every little bit counts, and kissing for 20 minutes burns about 40 calories. That’s not bad!

It keeps you from getting sick: Swapping spit boosts your immunity because you are exchanging germs. Exposing yourself to germs forces your immune system to produce antibodies that keep you from getting sick. 

Mike and Steph

Mike and Steph

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