Are Gwen and Blake over?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are tabloid darlings, and the latest claim is that they are kaput. “OK!” magazine’s cover this week proclaims “Blake Dumps Gwen!” suggesting they're “struggling to blend their very different lifestyles and may have pushed each other to the brink of a split.”

An insider claims that Gwen has “confessed through tears” that she couldn’t see a future with Blake, because she didn’t want to live in Oklahoma with him. She was also reportedly jealous that Blake’s mom was still in touch with his ex Miranda Lambert, and is convinced his friends and family “never accepted her.”

The mag claims that after “weeks of bickering over these issues” Blake called Gwen “for what, in his mind, would be their last conversation,” although it may not be permanent, with an insider noting, “everyone’s hoping the split is temporary and that they’ll get back on track soon.” Gwen’s reps telling “Gossip Cop” the story is “B.S.”


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