Mike and Steph Scopes (Monday, November 13th)

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)You can accomplish a great deal. Partnerships may be plentiful. You can pick up wonderful buys if you really look hard today.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21)Your ability to communicate with ease will win the hearts of those you are in touch with today. Don't be shy to promote your own interests. Use your obvious talent to work with detail and you can come up with something great.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20)Family may not want to get involved but an entrepreneur will. It might be best to work on your own; if possible, do your job out of your home today. Don't turn down offers that include sports activities or children.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19)You will need a little competition today. Get involved in activities that will stretch your stamina. Talk to the party involved and make sure that they are informed as to what actually happened. Think of joining a health club that will benefit your physical appearance.

PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)Your social activity should be conducive to finding love. Situations in your personal life are moving a little fast lately. Organize your day to avoid any setbacks that might ignite temper flare-ups.

ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)Be sure to take care of the needs of youngsters. Try to accommodate them without infringing on your own responsibilities. Rather than making a scene, communicate quietly about the way you feel.

TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21)You will want to take off and have some recreation. Try not to skirt issues if you think you'll hurt someone's feelings. Refuse to let others make unrealistic demands of you.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21)Don't jump the gun; you may find yourself getting angry at the wrong person. You can enjoy your involvement in organizations that make charitable contributions. You can pick up additional responsibility that will lead to higher wages and a better position.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)Your ability to charm others will bring added popularity. You can enhance your reputation by making contributions to worthwhile causes. You may have a problem keeping secrets.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22)You could be blind to the defects of those you love. Changes in your domestic situation will prove to be favorable in the long run. Try to be reasonable.

VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)Take time to deal with legal documents and the affairs of people who you may be indebted to. Pleasure trips will be favorable and bring about romance. Secret love affairs may be enticing; however, you must be prepared for the restraints that will follow.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23)Let your lover know what your personal intentions are. Think about your budget before booking a trip. You'll find it easy to deal with government agencies or large institutions.


A superb Venus-Jupiter link on your birthday will fill your heart with love and laughter and make the world look a much sunnier place than it has done of late. Make that feeling last as long as you can – it's worth more than diamonds and pearls.

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