A solution to the double dip

Tyson, chicken wing producer, has finally figured out a fix to the double-dipping issue. They’ve created the Tyson Chicken Wing-Mate Wristband, which is shaped like a watch but it has a tiny dip-holding compartment instead of a timepiece.

The Wing-Mate’s container is the size and shape of one of the single-serving tubs of fast food dipping sauce, and the idea is to fill it up and snap it open and closed as needed. That way you can dip and dip as much as you like in your own personal sauce without offending anyone else.

But if you want to get your hands one of these, you’ll have to win it. The Wing-Mate isn’t being sold, but Tyson is giving them away on Facebook.  They’re giving 300 away and winners are selected at random, so good luck and may the best dipper win.


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