Candy for a snow day

Students in the Hillsboro, Missouri, school district learn about a whole lot of things, and apparently bribery is one of them.

During a recent cold snap and snowstorm, students hoping for a snow day took things to another level. Superintendent Dr. Aaron Cornman found a mysterious package at home on his doorstep. He opened it up and found a few packages of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.....attached to them was a handwritten which read, "You know what to do."

Dr. Cornman tweeted a photo of the bribe and wrote, "The first round of 'Please Call School Off Tomorrow' candy has arrived. Students in my neighborhood really want a Snow Day!!! They remembered my favorite!"

Unfortunately, students are going to have to sweeten up the deal next time, because it didn't work. He later tweeted that school would be open. (WSVN-TV)

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