Ed Sheeran: real estate tycoon

Ed Sheeran has become quite the property owner in the village where he lives. According to the UK press, the singer, who earlier this week announced his engagement to girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, recently purchased two more homes on the outskirts of a village in Suffolk, England.

The new properties neighbor his already existing home, which already features a giant treehouse, a hot tub in his main garden, a covered swimming pool and a barn that he’s turned into his own pub. Ed owns so much property in the area, that locals have started calling it “Sheeran-ville.”

But locals don’t seem to mind having Ed around, noting that he’s “really friendly,” and “a down-to-earth Suffolk boy at heart.” As for all that property, one joked, “I guess it means that there is nobody to complain if he plays his music too loudly.”


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