More Brides Are Ditching The Bouquet Toss


Weddings are filled with traditions, but these days more brides and grooms are opting out of some of the standards. Wedding cakes are being replaced by doughnut walls and some brides are swapping their white gowns for black ones and letting their bridesmaids wear white instead. And another trend that really seems to be taking off with tradition-breaking couples: tossing the bouquet toss.

Kristen Maxwell Cooper, editor-in-chief of wedding website The Knot, explains that less than half of brides do a bouquet toss today and only 37% of grooms do a garter toss. So why is the old-fashioned wedding tradition becoming less popular?

"Seeing as the average age of a bride is 29 years old and the groom is almost 31 years old, it’s no surprise that traditions like these are on the way out,” she explains. Since couples are older when they tie the knot, they’re less likely to have single friends fighting to catch the bouquet. That prize is supposed to mean the single-lady who catches it will be the next one to get engaged, but if everyone’s already married, there’s not much point.

Some modern brides see the bouquet toss as outdated and don’t want to shine the spotlight on their single friends as they compete to catch a bunch of flowers. Others love the tradition and want to keep it going. And the guests don’t really care one way or the other, as long as there’s a bar at the reception.

Source: Mamamia

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