Vocal surgery changes Meghan's life

Meghan Trainor says having to undergo vocal surgery has motivated her to make some healthy changes to her life.

“It really shocks you and puts you in place,” she tells “People.” “I stopped drinking — I know it hurts your cords. I don’t ever smoke anything, I drink a lot of water and I started eating healthier and working out more.”

She adds, “Now mentally and physically, it’s proven to work, so I’m gonna keep doing that.”

Meghan has undergone two surgeries to fix her vocal chords and she says the whole thing was “scary.” "It’s another time of like, ‘I’m going to take away all your hopes and dreams for a second, put it on pause and see if they come back,'” she says. “My first thought was: I hope this works. We just kept saying ‘We’re never doing this again, we’re never doing this again.’ So we’re very careful.”

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