Pizza ice cream is the newest frankenfood

Pizza ice cream - would you try it? That’s what Bruno Pizza NYC in the East Village is banking on. They created the mashup, which is technically pizza crust ice cream, using the restaurants wood oven and basement flour mill.

Owner Demian Repucci says a scoop of this creation sells for $5 and features caramelized pizza crust in a gelato base. He makes it by charing pizza crusts in the oven, then soaking it in the gelato base overnight so the caramelized bread bits infuse with the gelato. Then he strains the chunks of crust out and spins the rest until it’s creamy.

Repucci says it has a malty and toasty flavor, adding, “It’s sort of in the genre of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.” 

Source: New York Post

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