Can your name make you more successful?

A study out of UCLA found that certain names make people immediately assume a person is successful -- and can actually afford people with those names more opportunities in life.

Here are the most successful baby names, according to the study:

Steven: There have been a lot of successful Stevens … Stephen Hawking, Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg.

Jacqueline: This has everything to do with Jackie O.

Peter: The most popular name for CEOs on LinkedIn is Peter.

Deborah: The most popular name for female CEOs on LinkedIn is Deborah.

Ross: If you’re a Friend’s fan it’s hard to figure this one out, but it ranked high in the study

Morgan (for a girl): This came in second on the UCLA list for successful baby names for girls.

Sanford: This name is extremely popular with surgeons and judges, according to the study

Elizabeth: The Queen of England’s name has to be on the list. (Mommyish)

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