A chance to see Channing Tatum up close

Channing Tatum is lending his celebrity to Born and Bred Vodka - which makes sense because he helped create it! He'll sign bottles of the beverage tomorrow in Pennsylvania at the in Hershey Square Shopping Center in Hummelstown at 6:00PM.

Among Tatum's business ventures, he launched Born and Bred Vodka in a partnership with the Grand Teton Distillery. The drink is made from Idaho potatoes and glacial water from the Grand Teton Mountains.

Tatum will autograph up to six pre-purchased bottles of the vodka per person, but no other items will be autographed. Before you head over, you must have at least one bottle of Born and Bred Vodka purchased at the Hummelstown Fine Wine & Good Spirits Premium Collection.  By the way, Hummelstown is between Hershey and Harrisburg....


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