Celebrity selfies doing good

Hollywood celebs are giving selfies a new meaning. Stars like Renee Zellweger, Tommy Lee and Ritchie Sambora are using the app Csnapswhich is turning celebrity selfies into charitable donations by letting app users submit their celeb selfies along with a minimum donation of three dollars.

Sounds like a double-win for stars and their fans – celebs may not feel so bothered stopping for pictures if they know it’s for a good cause. The proceeds from these star-studded selfies go straight to specified charities, with each celebrity able to pick up to three causes. Tommy Lee is donating his shots to PETA, while Zellweger is supporting ALS research. “Saving a life together is a bonded fan forever,” Sambora says of the app. “I’ll trade this fame for charity every day.”

Turns out, Csnaps was inspired by Ellen DeGeneres’ famed Oscars selfie back in 2014. As you might recall, the image broke the Internet - and now it has an estimated worth of up to one billion dollars. Imagine if that had all gone to charity!


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