B104 Teacher Salute: October 2018 Winner!

Teacher Salute - Nominate Your Teacher!

Congrats to Mrs. Kimberly Kocher - 6th - 8th Grade Teacher at St. Elizabeth Regional School in Whitehall - Mrs. Kocher is our B104 Teacher Salute Winner for the Month of October, 2018!

Mrs. Kocher was nominated by her students and their parents! For being our Teacher Salute Winner for October, Mrs. Kocher will receive a Class Pizza Party from Little Caesar's delivered by Mike and Steph and prizes from Meera Salon & Day Spa, the Da Vinci Science Center & Mathnasium of Allentown!

Below is what Mrs. Kocher's Students had to say

Lori and Kailani Williams - There are teachers that have such an impact on us that we remember them all our lives. Kimberly Kocher is THAT teacher!

James Evans - Mrs. Kocher is an amazing teacher who truly cares about her students.  My son first had her in 6th Grade and made a huge impact in his life.  When he first started 6th grade his writing capability was not very good and he hated to have to write whether it be book reports or papers.  By the end of 6th Grade his writing became tremendously stronger and it wasn’t a struggle to get him to write like it used to be.  We were so excited this summer when we found out that our son would have Mrs. Kocher again for 8th Grade especially since English and writing are such important before going to High School.  Mrs. Kocher also takes an interest in supporting her students outside of the classroom.  She has come to a couple sporting events to cheer on her students.

Linda & Matthew Braun - Mrs. Kocher deserves a B104 Teacher Salute she cares enough to go above and beyond.  The class and parents receive routine, valuable communications related to classroom and school events.  Mrs. Kocher has continued her education well beyond what is needed for this elementary level of learning.  She also supports her class and the school by attending most of the school events.  Saint Elizabeth is blessed to have Mrs. Kocher included in their faculty!

Joseph  Khouri  - The reason this teacher deserves the salute is because she has never wanted to stop teaching at this school.

Thank you to Mrs. Kocher for her hard work and dedication to our community! 

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