A hotel room on wheels

A designer has come up with the idea for something called The Autonomous Travel Suite, which could be the answer to those traveling nightmares. Designed by Steve Lee, the driverless mobile suite can fit up to five people, and contains a sleeping area with mattresses, a washroom with a toilet and sitting shower, a space for working or entertaining, and a small kitchen. 

Lee’s design was the winner of the Radical Innovation Award, a hospitality industry design competition, and with driverless cars already being tested, it could be the next step in travel. In fact, Lee thinks they could be on the road by 2030. “It’s basically a hotel room so it has everything inside it,” he says. “Whether it’s six hours or 10 hours, you’ll feel comfortable inside it." 

The vehicle would be battery powered, and could travel up to 10 hours, which means they could replace train travel or even domestic flights. This would take away the hassle of commuting to the airport, and dealing with check-in and security, plus it would provide more flexibility and comfort to travelers, and could actually cut costs. 


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