B104 Teacher Salute - December 2018

Congrats to Ms. Amanda 'Mandy' Suro - Kindergarten Teacher at Seven Generations Charter School in Emmaus - Ms. Suro is our B104 Teacher Salute Winner for the Month of December 2018!

Ms. Suro was nominated by numerous parents and students from Seven Generations Charter School (See Below) - For being our Teacher Salute Winner for December, Ms. Suro will receive a Class Pizza Party from Little Caesar's delivered by Mike and Steph and prizes from Meera Salon & Day Spaand the Da Vinci Science Center!

Below are nominations for Ms. Suro: 

Parent Johanna Eras / Child: Hadasha Pereira Eras - 'She is great working with my little girl and I know that teaching is a profession that teaches all of the other professions.'

Parent Hillary Harrison - 'Ms. Suro brings a tremendous love of learning to her classroom every day. She keeps the kids busy while keeping them interested in a variety of topics.'

Parent Natalie Cipolle / Child: Grant Nunn - 'Ms. Suro works hard every day to ensure her students are getting the most out of their education. She is incredibly kind, compassionate and respectful.'

Parent Beth Lang / Child: Keegan Lang – 'Ms. Suro is a great teacher and she is working very hard on a charter school budget to teach these great kindergarten kids. She is kind and easy going, she teaches STEM at Seven Generations Charter school. And she has gone out of her way to constantly communicate with us.'

Parent Peter Lang - 'Ms. Suro gives amazing individualized instruction to all her students. She has a knack for picking up on kids strengths. She creates an environment where all the kids are eager to learn.'

Grandparent Martie Mueller – 'This teacher, Ms. Mandy Suro, is so kind, understanding and eager to see her students enthusiastic and moving forward! Her student’s relate and thus learning is enjoyable. What a great kindergarten experience for my grandson!! Thank You!'

Thank you to Ms. Suro for her hard work and dedication to our community! 

B104s Teacher Salute