Congrats to Mr. Matthew Velekei - 6th Grade Teacher at Nazareth Intermediate School - Mr. Velekei is our B104 Teacher Salute Winner for the month of JANUARY 2018! 

Mr. Velekei was nominated by Amy Pidgeon and her son Brady. For being our Teacher Salute Winner for January, Mr. Velekei will receive a Class Pizza Party from Little Caesar's delivered by Mike and Steph and prizes from Meera Salon & Day Spa and the Da Vinci Science Center! 

Below is what Amy had to say about Mr. Velekei! 

“Our boys have been fortunate enough to have Mr. Matthew Velekei as a teacher in fourth grade, which helped make that transition a smooth one! My husband and I have worked in education for many years. We've worked with many teachers, in many districts, in many spectrums of education. We know what it is to go above and beyond for our students who we serve. We recognize what it takes to run a classroom effectively and efficiently with an equal blend of teaching, learning, and fun! Our children have been fortunate with all the teachers they have had, however I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the exemplary teaching of Mr. Velekei. He stands out; he has been everything a parent could ask for in an educator! It is so important to us to have people working with our children who we and they trust (as teachers they get to spend more time throughout the school year with our children then ourselves.) Mr. V is special! He is someone my children have loved having in their lives! He teaches them not just academics but life! He shows them what it is to be a good student (holding his standards high) and a good teammate (as his classroom is run like a team, working together, caring for each other, learning empathy, manners, kindness and tolerance.) He is their family for 6 plus hours a day giving them love, support and discipline as needed. The students know he cares for them as much as they love him. He has instilled values and morals like the ones we teach at home! It doesn't stop there...he attends after school sporting events, plays, horseback riding, gymnastics - If it is important to his students, it’s important to him, and they know it! He is dedicated, and gives of himself freely in both time and money! He is the definition of an amazing educator! There is so much more I could say but I will end by saying he is the example I want my children to learn from.”

Thank you to Mr. Velekei for his hard work and dedication to our community! 


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