A woman planned a "Yes Year" after her breakup

Most of us cope with breakups by loading up on wine and ice cream, dying our hair, and posting a fire selfie on Instagram. But we should all be doing something like Rachael Fitzpatrick, who tried to do something a little more productive for herself – she promised herself a “Yes Year.” It’s living your life by taking up any opportunity that comes your way.

Her first adventure? She’s been naked hiking all over Australia. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like – she sets off with her hiking boots and very little else, posing for cheeky nude photos for the ‘gram. Fitzpatrick says that ever since she started up the hobby in 2017, she feels a sense of “total liberation” that she never felt before. Now, she’s readier than ever for whatever relationships come her way.

Now, maybe naked hiking isn’t for all of us, but a ‘Yes Year’ isn’t such a bad idea after a breakup. Your brain is probably swirling with self-doubt and a list of things you’re no good at. Turn that negativity around by saying “yes” to everything and finding something that makes you feel free!


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