Ice cream that claims it can help you sleep better?!?!

Nightfood was created with the help of sleep expert doctors, but it’s not a sleep aid, it’s just made with ingredients that make it “less disruptive” to the sleep cycle.

So eating a bowl of Nightfood isn’t like popping an Ambien, but it is made by “removing/minimizing stuff that’s in most other ice creams” that can mess with sleep, like caffeine, and they tweak the recipes so they’re less likely to keep you awake because of digestion issues, acid reflux, and blood sugar spikes. And Nightfood is made with certain minerals and amino acids that research suggests help sleep quality as well as ingredients that are sleep-friendly.

The sleep-friendly pints come in eight flavors: Full Moon Vanilla, Midnight Chocolate, After Dinner Mint Chip, Cold Brew Decaf, Cookies n’ Dreams, Milk and Cookie Dough, Cherry Eclipse, and Bed and Breakfast. Pints are $5.99 at Nightfood’s online shop, but shipping is expensive because it requires coolers, dry ice and special handling because it is still ice cream after all.


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