A food tour that pays tribute to Anthony Bourdain

In his Emmy award-winning CNN show “Parts Unknown,” the late Anthony Bourdain brought viewers on a culinary journey through cities all over the world.

New Jersey has approved the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail, created by the state’s travel and tourism board to pay tribute to the late Jersey-native. The “trail” features 10 local restaurants he visited for his 2015 episode of “Parts Unknown.” Some of the spots include:

  • Frank’s Deli in Asbury Park, where Bourdain ate a massive sub with provolone, salami, boiled ham, pepperoni and hot peppers.
  • Hiram’s in Fort Lee, where Bourdain said he’d been coming since the 1950s to “feed my soul” with their signature deep-fried hot dogs.
  • Donkey’s Place in Camden, a place known for their cheesesteaks on poppy seed buns, which the chef has called “sublime.”
  • Dock’s Oyster House in Atlantic City, where the chef ate some stuffed lobster.

The spots are a little ways from each other, spread out across the state, so if you want to hit them all at once you’d better prepare for quite the road trip. So far, an official start date hasn’t been announced.

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