Tori in more trouble???

Tori Spelling was due in court for her hearing with City National Bank on March 27th, but she skipped out on it. When she didn’t show up, the judge involved ordered a bench warrant. If she doesn’t show up for her May 1st court date, it’ll be activated and she’ll be arrested. 

Tori and her husband, Dean McDermott, owe City National Bank over $205-thousand dollars. And even though she recently got hired for the “90210” reboot, her salary is only a fraction of what she was getting in the 1990swhen her father, Aaron Spelling, was running things. Sources say the money she’s getting now won’t make a dent in what they owe. 

Tori’s in Israel filming a commercialfor children’s fashion company. She posted a picture of herself with her bestie, Jennie Garth.


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