Adele's divorce could be an expensive one

Adele and husband Simon Konecki have separated and now the press is speculating about what the split could do to the singer’s fortune.

The UK press reports the couple did not have a prenup before marrying in 2011 which could mean Simon could get his hands on quite a bit of her money, especially if they file for divorce in California where they have been living. If they do, Simon could be entitled to half of Adele’s reported $182 million fortune.

“What is made during the marriage is likely to be split on an equal basis,” Sandra Davis, a divorce attorney tells the “U.K. Times.” “It doesn’t matter who did what, or who contributed what.”

But another lawyer notes an even split isn’t likely to happen. Family law lawyer Suzanne Kingston notes “Adele may be able to claim that her talent is effectively genius, which means her husband would be entitled to significantly less.”

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