Having a work spouse is pretty common

A new poll finds that 50.2% of women and 44.4% of men admit they have a work spouse, which Simply Hired defines as a “colleague you have a strong friendship with, who is the gender you're attracted to, and with whom you have a bond that resembles that of a married couple.”

Some people are so close to their work spouses they have no problem talking to them on a variety of subjects, with 75.8% of people going to them with work problems, and another 75.4% talking to them about colleagues. But often work spouses will talk about more than just work. Other topics folks talk about with their work spouse include: 

  • My marriage or romantic relationships (56.9%)
  • Problems at home (51.2%)
  • My sex life (29.1%)

For most people, a work spouse isn’t someone they keep secret from their real-life spouse. In fact, 57% of men and 69% of women have actually introduced their work spouse to a partner. Of course not everyone is so forthcoming with the info, with 21% of people saying they’ve lied to their partner about their work spouse, with men more likely to lie than women (24.5% vs. 17.4%). 

Source: USA Today

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