Did they "fall" in love?!?!

The same week that Camila Cabello released a steamy music video with heartthrob Shawn Mendes, her reps confirmed with People magazine that Camila split from her boyfriend.

Camila admitted to butterflies before filming the love scenes for “Senorita” with a shirtless Shawn. (quote) “We were both really nervous. I had to drink a lot of wine!”

For 18 months, Camila dated a much older relationship guru named Matthew Hussey. They rarely went out together in public and walked only once together on the red carpet. Matthew Hussey escorted her to the Vanity Fair after-party.

A friend told the British newspaper The Sun, (quote) “Camila’s relationship with Matthew had run its course. This of course will fuel rumors that she and Shawn have become more than just pals.” 

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