Can't you feel the love between them?!?!?


Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s ongoing - and playful - "feud" took a sweet turn….kind of. Reynolds made the nice gesture of wishing Jackman a happy 51st birthday, but the moment didn’t last.

HUgh Jackman recently trashed Ryan Reynolds in front of entire theater audiences during his one-man tour, “The Man. The Music. The Show,” quipping “let’s see Ryan Reynolds do that” after performing a number. The “Deadpool” actor caught wind of his words, and got his revenge by making a surprise appearance during one of Jackman’s shows.

Reynolds appeared on screen behind the “Wolverine” actor in a birthday video saying how hurt he was by Jackman’s comments… and then proceeded to sing “Happy Birthday” to Jackman along with the entire theater audience just to stick it to the “professionally trained” actor.


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