Same wedding dress worn by three generations

Soon after Natalie Nicolson got engaged to Nathan Suits, she started looking for a wedding dress. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, her mother reminded her that her grandmother’s dress was in the closet. That dress, which her grandmother wore to tie the knot in 1955, was also worn by her mom at her 1984 nuptials, so it was a family tradition.

The bride-to-be originally thought she wanted something more modern, but when she found herself being drawn to full skirts in bridal shops, she decided to give Grandma’s gown another chance. Nicolson tried it on again because it had the silhouette she wanted and that time, she changed her mind. “It just felt right this time,” she explains.

The fact that the dress fit her perfectly and didn’t need to be altered in any way helped make up her mind. Nicolson was a little worried about damaging the over 60-year-old gown, but her family assured her no one was counting on it lasting for another generation. She also has some advice for brides considering wearing an heirloom dress. “Do it if you can,” she says. “Fashion trends come and go … but I will never regret wearing something as timeless as that dress.”

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Source: Insider

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