It could take you days to recover from ill-fitting shoes

Your shoes look great; but, maybe, it's taking you forever to recover from wearing them.

A new UK survey finds:

  • It takes three-and-a-half days for feet to feel good again after wearing ill-fitting shoes.
  • The average person wears uncomfortable shoes two days a month, which means they’ll spend more than three weeks a year recovering.
  • Part of the reason so many shoes are uncomfortable is that people don’t know their actual shoe size.
  • In fact, 20% of people say they haven’t measured their feet in ten or more years.

Of course there are plenty of people who wear ill-fitting shoes on purpose.

  • One in eight adults admit they knowingly wear shoes that don’t fit, basically because they like the style.
  • What’s more, a third of folks have shoes they can’t walk in, and describe them as “sit down shoes” only.
  • Style seems to be the main reason people buy ill-fitting shoes
  • 40% of people say looking good is their top consideration when buying shoes.
  • Another 10% choose shoes that make their legs look nice.
  • A fifth of people though say they are forced to wear the wrong size because shoes they want don’t come in half sizes or different widths.

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