Mike and Steph Scopes (Friday, October 15th)

Libra - September 23 - October 22

Someone around you may not be trustworthy. Too much talk will lead to disputes. Travel for business will not only bring you valuable information but also profits as well.

Scorpio- October 23 - November 21

Try to bend to their wishes if you want to avoid conflict. Your creative talent will prove to be lucrative if put to proper use. Take time to deal with authority figures or government agencies.

Sagittarius - November 22 - December 20

Your partner may push buttons that infuriate you. Romance can develop; however, it will most probably be short-lived. You're on the right track and you can make money if you are willing to go out on a limb.

Capricorn- December 21 - January 19

Don't let someone you work with put words in your mouth. Don't let children or elders put demands on your time. Sudden changes regarding colleagues may surprise you.

Aquarius - January 20 - February 18

Groups you belong to will not only enjoy your company, but they will also share your interests. Try to get others to stand behind your good judgment. Deception may cause disputes you can do without.

Pisces - February 19 - March 20

Get back into a routine that promises a better looking, more aware individual. Empty promises are evident and deception probable. Don't count on getting any help from those you live with.

Aries - March 21 - April 20

Don't be too hard on your mate. Sudden romantic connections may be short lived. Jealousy may get in the way of a good relationship.

Taurus - April 21 - May 20

Deception and confusion regarding your status in society is likely. The great outdoors will allow you to teach youngsters some of the things you learned when growing up. Moves will be hectic but favorable in the end.

Gemini - May 21 - June 21

You may want to try your hand at a little creative writing. Don't let your boss get the better of you. You will be full of energy and you need to find something constructive to do. Exhaustion will lead to minor injury if you don't know when to quit.

Cancer - June 22 - July 22

You need to reevaluate your situation. It might be time to do some of those chores at home. You may want to make changes that will turn your entertainment room into a real family affair.

Leo - July 23 -August 22

Friends may not be completely honest with you. You can take advantage of opportunities if you are quick to make a move. Be prepared to step into the limelight if you wish to promote your ambitions.

Virgo - August 23 - September 22

Plans to make physical improvements may lead to psychological changes, too. Avoid getting trapped in internal disputes. You may need the space, but you need the extra cash more

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