Mike and Steph Scopes (Wednesday, October 20th)

Libra - September 23 - October 22

Do not give your heart to someone who may not live up to your standards. New friendships will develop through group events. Get help setting up a reasonable budget. Look into ways of making extra cash.

Scorpio - October 23 - November 21

Difficulties with children will surface if you try to break a promise you made. You can make excellent purchases today. You can come up with ways of earning extra cash.

Sagittarius - November 22 - December 20

Don't let others restrict you from saying how you feel about family issues. This is a wonderful day to look into courses or hobbies that interest you. You may have some difficulties with someone you live with.

Capricorn- December 21 - January 19

Tell it like it is. Social activities or travel should be in your plans. Discord could be unnerving.

Aquarius - January 20 - February 18

You may as well work on projects that will allow you to make progress. Business partnerships should turn out to be quite lucrative. Females may put demands or added responsibilities on you.

Pisces - February 19 - March 20

Romantic opportunities may not be as they appear. Let go of the past in order to progress. You are best to concentrate on your professional endeavors.

Aries - March 21 - April 20

Do not travel unless absolutely necessary. Be careful. Be firm when dealing with matters pertaining to your environment. Difficulties with children will surface if you try to break a promise you made.

Taurus - April 21 - May 20

Do the necessary chores and then do things that please you. Try to keep any mood swings under control; they may result in alienation. Your involvement with children will be most rewarding.

Gemini - May 21 - June 21

Avoid any erratic behavior or it could cause isolation at home. You can make major accomplishments while on short trips. Property investments, insurance, taxes, or inheritance should bring you financial gains.

Cancer - June 22 - July 22

Arguments with children or friends may leave you steaming. You are best to avoid such unsavory circumstances, especially if you're in a group situation. You will have some wonderful ideas that should bring you extra money.

Leo - July 23 -August 22

There'll be difficulties if you spend too much. Your emotional partner may make you angry today. Your partner will be emotionally unable to cope.

Virgo - August 23 - September 22

You will profit from home improvement projects and real estate deals. You can meet a new romantic partner or secure the love connection you already have by going out and entertaining yourself. Get out and enjoy some entertainment.

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