Britney Spears Reveals Strict Rules On Her During Las Vegas Residency

Britney Spears is opening up about some of the strict rules she had to follow during her Las Vegas residency, and it’s pretty easy to feel bad for her.

Next to a video showing off one of her bathing suits, she says always had to wear tights while on stage, even though they hindered her performance. “When I used to do shows I had to wear two layers of tights every night,” she shares, “the one night I cheated and said NO and didn’t cover my legs, I swear I danced and moved waaay faster with nothing on them.”

She also says she was “never allowed to go to the spa,” adding, “… they didn’t want me having coffee or tea so my friends from home would show up going to the spas drinking champagne.” Brit notes, “No lie and I was the loser working and entertaining them at night … doesn’t sound like a good deal to me either !!!!”

Finally she offers, “So on this beautiful day here in Maui 🏖 I’m here to remind them all that being treated like an equal individual doesn’t require much … just RESPECT ✊ !!!!,” ominously adding, “Psss are we going to war 🙄😜 ???”

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