What you listen to at the gym could help or hurt your workout

Some of your favorite B104 artists could inspire you to achieve more in the gym. I know when I go to the gym. I usually like listening to club music or 90's pop. I need something with a fast beat. If you need some new gym music inspiration, a new study by Pure Gym finds:

Listening to music can boost your weightlifting results by a much as 13%. It could increase as much as 37% depending on the type of music you listen to. The study looked at three areas of weightlifting, the bench press, dead lift and the squat. They asked volunteers to listen to music by a variety of popular artists while doing their lifts and recorded their results. Turns out, listening to music by Dua Lipa increased weightlifting results the most, a whopping 37.93%. That was followed by Harry Styles’ music, which resulted in a 35.71% increase. Interestingly enough music by Metallica saw some of the lowest results, only 8.33%.

Top 10 Artists To Add To Your Playlist To Lift More

  1. Dua Lipa (37.93%)
  2. Harry Styles (35.71%)
  3. BTS (22.47%)
  4. Lizzo(13.58%)
  5. Eminem (12.68%)
  6. Drake (10.61%)
  7. Olivia Rodrigo (10.27%)
  8. Beyonce (9.93%)
  9. Doja Cat (9.44%)
  10. Metallica (8.33%)
  • But if your goal is to increase your reps, you may want to go with Harry, whose music helped increase reps 23.03%. 

Top 10 Artists To Add To Your Playlist To Increase Reps

  1. Harry Styles (23.03%)
  2. Dua Lipa (22.03%)
  3. Olivia Rodrigo (6.07%)
  4. The Weeknd (3.88%)
  5. Drake (3.38%)

Source: MetroUK

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