What you wear can help you manifest your goals

If you're trying to turn some goals into reality, it might be as simple as carefully choosing what you wear. Turn to your wardrobe and start wearing specific colors. Sarah Potter, color magic practitioner, says color “can help us manifest by turning up the volume on the energetic frequency.” Each color is associated with different energy, so wearing it can help give various aspects of your life a boost, and hopefully turn your goals into reality.

“Choose an outfit, lingerie, jewelry, or makeup based on the energy you are currently calling in,” Potter explains. “Having this color on every day will enhance those long term goals coming to fruition.”

These are some shades you may want to wear this spring to channel the energy you want:

  • Scarlet - This bright red with an orange tinge is associated with courage, passion and joy. Wear it to manifest confidence and positivity and it’s the ideal color if “optimism is your ultimate goal.”
  • Hot pink - Want to attract a spring fling? This shade is used to manifest passionate romances and playfulness. Hot pink can also enhance creativity and help motivate others to achieve greatness.
  • Yellow - It’s supposed to bring vitality and happiness into our lives and stimulate our intellect, so it’s perfect to wear when you want to impress others.
  • Royal blue - This specific shade symbolizes authority and self-esteem, so wearing it shows that you’re the one in charge. Royal blue can also help with gaining trust and diplomacy, which may be why it's used in so many flags around the world.
  • Lilac - If you’re trying to channel tranquility, peace and calmness, this is the color to wear.
  • Neon green - It represents a vibrant start and a fresh attitude, so it’s the perfect color if you want to “rev up your aura.”
  • Light camel - This beige-brown neutral goes with just about anything and it combines “an energetic vibe with security and dependability.” Wear it when you want to feel emotionally safe this spring.

Source: Instyle

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