Love is in the air this Fall

Here are the best fall date ideas for you to try this season.

  • Apple picking. Yes, it’s the stereotypical fall activity, but it’ll never really be played out, will it?
  • Go on a hayride. You may think they’re hokey, but you’ll probably have more fun than you realize. There are some adult-only hayrides, too.
  • Take a stroll through the park. Sure, you can do this any season, but during the fall you’ll be surrounded by the beautiful Fall foliage.
  • Go wine tasting. Again, can do it every season but the crisper weather and the foliage makes it extra special.
  • Visit a haunted house. What’s more romantic than getting scared and cuddling up with your boo?
  • Try a corn maze. They’re fun, challenging, and a great bonding experience. If you can make it through one, you can make it through anything!
  • Visit the beach. The less crowded beach can make it romantic, especially if you light a bonfire.
  • Take a road trip. Make a playlist and hit the open road! Travel to places that are known for beautiful Fall foliage.

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Source: Pure Wow


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