Have a little wine with your board game

There’s a new version of Monopoly that’s made with food and wine lovers in mind. Monopoly Napa Valley Edition puts a California spin on the classic board game, replacing Atlantic City Squares with iconic wineries, historic landmarks and local businesses in the premier wine region.

The limited-edition game lets you explore Napa Valley with pictures of sprawling vineyards, hot air balloons and the Grape Crusher Statue. Like the traditional Monopoly, players can build houses and hotels and charge rent, as well as pick up Chance and Community Chest cards as they compete to win. There are eight tokens to play with: the boot, the race car, the top hat, the cat, the dog, the battleship, the thimble and the wheelbarrow.

Wineries players can buy include Frank Family Vineyards, Beringer, Sterling Vineyards and Napa Cellars. Culinary-related properties up for grabs in the Napa Monopoly include the food hall at Oxbow Public Market and La Chev Bakery.

The new Napa Valley Monopoly is available on Amazon, CVS and the Top Trumps USA website, as well as local retailers in Napa Valley, for $39.95

Source: Good Morning America

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