Texting Rules - which ones do you violate?

18 Texting Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Know



1. Do: text the person if you’re running late.

This is common courtesy and goes a long way if you’re running late to an appointment or casual meet up with friends. Sending a quick text message won’t take more than thirty seconds and is polite.

2. Don’t: Text during an appointment, lunch, or dinner.

Texting while you’re having a conversation with someone over lunch, dinner, or during an appointment is flat out rude. Unless you’re in high school or college, in which case everyone is glued to their phones anyways, don’t do it. It shows that you’re not interested in the conversation or person and that you’re not really listening.


3. Do: Always double check before you hit the send button.

It’s not a secret that autocorrect, and spelling can turn a normal, innocent text into something out of the ordinary. Take the extra seconds to reread your text to make sure that everything sounds crystal clear, especially when talking with a professional or relatives.


4. Don’t: Over correct yourself if you do happen to misspell something.

We all have gotten a text from someone that’s like:


Hey! I donut want to go to lunch today, let’s do tomorrow.




Oops! **don’t


We get it. Simple spelling and autocorrect mistakes are inevitable, no need to tell us every time.

5. Do: Keep it short.

If your text is quickly becoming a novel, just pick up the phone or send an email. Reading a mile long text message is annoying, plain and simple.


6. Don’t: Talk about important issues or have an argument over text.

We’ve all done it, so we all know why we shouldn’t. Having serious conversations or arguing over text is just not worth it. Things get miscommunicated; you’re bound to take some words out of context, and it’s just clearer and more concise to handle more meaningful stuff in person or over the phone.


7. Do: Group text.

Group texts are by far the easiest way to get information to multiple of your friends at once. It’s also super convenient for making group plans. Some people find group texts super annoying, and if that’s the case for you, simply turn the text on “do not disturb.” When it’s on the do not disturb mode, you won’t get the notifications that can cause annoyance, and simply can partake in it when you want to.


8. Don’t: Make the mistake of talking smack in the group text.

While younger people undoubtedly use group texts to talk smack sometimes, make sure you’re not talking about the wrong person. Nothing is more awkward than saying something about someone’s friend; and then they have the written proof that you said something bad.


9. Do: Text your crush or date to set up a hangout session.

It is totally common and normal to send your crush or date a text about meeting up. It’s casual, quick, and convenient. Also, you can always refer to the text that made plans to double check the time and location.


10. Don’t: Double or triple text anyone.

Unless they’re your super close friend or your mom, don’t send more than one text if they don’t reply. No one likes to be blown up like that! It seems desperate. If they’re not replying, they’re either busy or uninterested and don’t want to be bothered.

11. Do: Use emoticons.

They’re there for a reason, right?! Emoticons are fun; it’s as simple as that. Use emoticons with your friends, family, and crushes in the right contexts to enhance your text.


12. Don’t: Use emoticons in professional settings.

Like most things, there’s a time and a place for emoticons, and it’s not while texting someone professionally. It comes off as unprofessional and juvenile, so hold back.


13. Do: Be prompt with your responses.

One of the benefits of texting is the fact that it’s quick. If you spend ages to reply to someone’s request or question over text, you’re defeating the purpose. We get that sometimes you’re busy, but if you’re not, reply then and there. To get into the habit, turn your read receipts on.


14. Don’t: Ask someone why they didn’t reply to your text earlier.

You know the answer to this question before you even ask it. They’ll say they were busy, or that they didn’t get it, or that they totally didn’t see it. If they don’t answer, whatever, move on and don’t drag it out.


15. Do: Double-check the recipient.

The last thing you want to do is send your dad a sexy text that was meant for your boyfriend, Dan. Always make sure you’re sending your text to the right person, especially if it’s something you wouldn’t want anyone else reading.

16. Don’t: Send sexy photos to strangers.

Seems like common sense, but if you meet someone on the internet or a dating app like Tinder, you’ll probably begin texting them. Hence, it will probably come up at some point through flirtation to send a sexy picture. Don’t do it unless you really know the person and trust that they won’t do anything with it. You don’t want to risk your picture being sent around to a bunch of random people, or worse, end up on the internet.

17. Do: Send sexy pictures to your significant other.

If you’re in a loving and trusting relationship with someone, and you feel comfortable enough to send them sexy pictures, do it!


18. Don’t: Break up or ask someone out over text.

This is a big no-no. Breaking up or asking someone out over text is super insensitive and immature. This might be okay in middle school, but it’s not cool for grown adults.

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