Teacher uses Taylor and Lizzo to help with lessons!

Marlee Christianson creates parodies of the hit songs her students love, using lyrics related to what the kids are being taught.

Despite having no background in music, the Florida teacher turns popular songs by stars like Lizzo and Taylor Swift into lessons for her kids. “Every single class that I’ve ever had, they always love the songs,” Christianson explains. Teachers at her school expressed interest in her songs, so she decided to post them on TikTok so other teachers can use them in their own classrooms.

Christianson has used Taylor’s hit “Anti-Hero” to teach kids about the rock cycle, and in the video you can hear how enthusiastically her students sing along. One of her most popular uploads is a song she used to teach her earth and space unit, her version of “Day ‘n’ Nite,” which has racked up 2.6-million views. But even better, Kid Cudi even responded to give it his stamp of approval, commenting, “LOVE!!!!!”

Source: Good Morning America

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