Harmless, believable pranks for April 1st or any day

Don’t forget tomorrow is April Fool’s Day! If you don’t have your pranks planned yet, there’s still time to pull one over on your friends or family. Of course, you want something that’s believable and harmless.

In need of prank inspiration? Try one of these. You’ll definitely fool the person with no harm done!

  1. Tell them to expect a prank, then don’t do anything.
  2. Text an awkward question, then pretend it never happened.
  3. Hide nine items in their room but tell them you hit 10.
  4. Text “I need to tell you something,” then never respond.
  5. Convince them their favorite celeb was just canceled.
  6. Make it look like you went on a big vacation on Instagram.
  7. Convince them their mouse is broken.
  8. Makeup that a snowstorm is headed their way.
  9. Convince them it’s a different day of the week than it is.
  10. Tell them you’ve signed them up for a big marathon.

For even more, click HERE!

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