Mike and Steph Scopes (Wednesday, May 10th)

Taurus - April 21 - May 20

There might be one who is quite willing to take the credit for your work. Younger relatives may seek your advice. This will not be the day to start new business ventures or make drastic changes in your career.

Gemini - May 21 - June 21

Someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, and if you're gullible, it may cost you. You can make some favorable changes to your looks. Don't forget that you've only heard one side of the story.

Cancer - June 22 - July 22

Rewards for past good deeds will be yours. Be courteous if you wish to avoid major delays. You can get the attention of important individuals but it might not be the time to get them to help or to back your ideas.

Leo - July 23 -August 22

A change is as good as a rest. Don't go looking for change. Be sure to keep communication open with those you live with. You will find it easy finalizing personal papers if you make an effort.

Virgo - August 23 - September 22

Travel for business will not only bring you valuable information but also profits as well. Socializing or travel will lead to partnerships. You would be best to work late in order to avoid such disharmony.

Libra - September 23 - October 22

You will easily charm members of the opposite sex. Take care of the needs of elders in your family. Sudden changes concerning coworkers may surprise you.

Scorpio - October 23 - November 21

Your emotional partner will push the right buttons today. It may not be the best time to socialize with clients or colleagues today. Make plans to mix business with pleasure. Dinner with clients or business associates should be successful.

Sagittarius - November 22 - December 20

Pleasure trips should be on your agenda. Get together with those you find mentally stimulating. Travel will be good if you are seeking knowledge.

Capricorn - December 21 - January 19

Disruptions may set you back, but you're strong, and in the end the choices you make will be favorable. Everything is moving quickly, just the way you like it. Your ability to help others will win you points.

Aquarius - January 20 - February 18

If you are in the midst of a financial deal, this is your lucky day. Communication will be your best bet. You need to take a long, hard look at yourself and your personal situation.

Pisces - February 19 - March 20

You have so much to offer; open up and let your thoughts be known. Make alternate plans just in case you need to make a career shift. You could experience delays in shipments or mail, and should be careful while traveling.

Aries - March 21 - April 20

Alienation may be the result of a misunderstanding. Try to make your lover understand that you need to do things with your friends. Coworkers may not be on your side.

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