Questions to ask yourself to avoid buyer's remorse

Have you ever come across something that seemed so cool or useful, you instantly had to have it? We’ve all bought something that seemed like just the thing we needed, only to end up regretting the purchase afterwards. Part of the problem is that using the item isn’t the only time we interact with it.

So, how can we avoid this kind of buyer’s remorse? Ask yourself these three questions BEFORE you buy:

  • Where will I store this thing? - A kayak seems like a fun idea, until you have to find room for it in your apartment and an air fryer is great for frying things, but does it deserve permanent status on your limited counter space? That’s why thinking about where this thing will live is a good start.
  • How will I clean this thing? - Everything requires some kind of maintenance, even if it’s only occasionally. Consider how much work it will take to clean or maintain this thing and whether it’s worth it if you only rarely use it.
  • What will I do with this thing when I’m done? - Think about what will happen to this item when you no longer want it around for one reason or another. If it breaks, how easily can you get rid of it? If you decide it’s not worth the space sacrifice, will you be able to resell it or donate it? When you weigh the answers to these questions, you may decide you don’t want to actually own this thing you’re drooling over and may be happier borrowing or renting it instead.

Source: Lifehacker

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