Wienermobile no more

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is iconic. But this piece of Americana won’t be known as the Wienermobile anymore, as the company is changing its name after nearly 100 years.

Oscar Mayer has announced that it will now be known as …the Frankmobile. Why the name change? According to the brand, it’s to “pay homage” to the new hot dog recipe they’re rolling out this summer.

The Wienermobile made its debut back in 1936, when Carl Mayer told his Uncle Oscar about his idea for a marketing vehicle for the company. Now they have a fleet of six of the 23-foot-long vehicles that travel the U.S., going to events like state fairs and sports contests to advertise the brand. While the name may be different, the Frankmobile looks pretty much the same, with the exception of a new decal on the vehicle’s side showing the Frankmobile name.

Source: CNN

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