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KEVIN BACON (The Pig) Home Safe With Help Of A Sticky Bun.

[CBS21 STORY Hallie Jacobs

Tue, October 31st 2023, 6:09 PM EDT]

ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. (WHP) — Kevin Bacon’s family got him on October 13th--but by the next day, he had dug under his pen to escape.

Chelsea Rumbaugh, Kevin's mom, explained, “He rooted underneath a post and removed it from the ground and then went under that area of the fence.”


The whole community rallied together, trying to catch him but he outsmarted them every step of the way.

The family says they would see him almost every day, but he would either run away into the woods or avoid their traps.

She added, “We got a net, he stepped around it. At the slightest crunch of a branch or a tree or leaves, he would book it.”

During the weeks he was missing, even famous actor Kevin Bacon called for his return.

“That was wild for me,” recalled Rumbaugh. “There’s an open invitation for Kevin Bacon anytime he wants to come out.”

They finally got him after feeding him a sticky bun with pet-safe Benadryl.

His family says it tired him out enough that he just wandered right back into his pen without a fight.

“It feels so good to have him back, and it feels even better that we did it so slowly and by making him comfortable first and trying to build that trust with him. I’m just so relieved we did it that way," said Rumbaugh.

Now that he’s back, the family has come prepared.

They reinforced his pen with concrete below the ground to stop him from tunneling his way out again. Next, they say they’re planning on reinforcing the new wooden beams of the pen.

However, that’s not the end for Kevin Bacon.

“I do think he has a life of stardom ahead of him,” commented Rumbaugh. “We have plans for our property for an open to the public farm and offer services for children and adults who struggle with PTSD, anxiety, depression and Kevin is going to be here for all of that too.”

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