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Mike and Steph Scopes (Friday, August 4th)

Leo - July 23 -August 22

An older member of the family may need assistance. You are best to deal with those outside your family. You need to look into some private matters before you can proceed with your plans.

Virgo - August 23 - September 22

Get into fitness programs to keep in shape. Your ambitious mood may not go over well with loved ones. You should follow through on educational endeavors you have wanted to pursue for some time. You may have problems with children. You're undergoing changes.

Libra - September 23 - October 22

Travel will turn out to be far more exciting than you imagined. Do things with your children and avoid situations that make you feel as if you've neglected the ones you love. You can benefit financially if you put money or maintenance into your living quarters.

Scorpio - October 23 - November 21

Overindulgence may be a problem. Make sure that you take time to remember those you love. However, you may not attract the kind of interest you had in mind.

Sagittarius - November 22 - December 20

Do things with your children and avoid situations that make you feel as if you've neglected the ones you love. Real estate should be lucrative for you. Be careful what you say.

Capricorn - December 21 - January 19

Your home may be in an uproar and you are best to stay out of the line of fire if at all possible. You may find that lectures or travel will be highly successful. Emotionally you won't see things accurately.

Aquarius - January 20 - February 18

Go out with close friends who understand your situation and your needs. Don't evade important issues; you may find yourself backed into a corner. Try to be tolerant of the moods of those around you.

Pisces - February 19 - March 20

Don't believe everything you hear. Don't hesitate to visit someone who hasn't been well. Put your plans into motion by presenting your intentions to those who should be able to give you financial support.

Aries - March 21 - April 20

Unexpected bills may set you back. You will be able to contribute a great deal to organizations that you join. Be cautious of making any residential changes today.

Taurus - April 21 - May 20

Upgrading at this point is not a bad plan. Be careful to avoid wrong doings. Do you really want to start something with someone you can't reason with?

Gemini - May 21 - June 21

Opportunities to make financial gains will develop through your connections with other people. Insincere gestures of friendliness may be misleading. Face any emotional problems head-on to avoid situations getting out of hand.

Cancer - June 22 - July 22

You will meet a person who may turn out to be more than just a friend. Be careful while traveling. You just hate waste, and when someone else costs you dearly you see red.

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