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What Are 3 Words You Would Say to Your 18-Year-Old Self?

What are three words you would tell your 18-year-old self? Viola Davis poised the question on her Instagram an it went viral with a bevy of celebs weighing in.

Viola posted: “You meet your 18-year-old self, you are allowed to say 3 words. What do you say?”

The Help actress commented "you are worthy" while other notable people chimed in with:

· SZA: “It’s not personal”

· Jessica Alba: “Time Always Heals”

· Actor Brad Garrett: “It Gets Better”

· Actress Toni Colette: “I. LOVE. YOU.”

· Questlove: “INVEST IN UBER!!!!!”

Listen back to hear Seacrest's and the team's:

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