Man Loses 22lbs Eating Only Chipotle

Tyler Marinelli wanted to lose a few pounds. There was a catch, however.  The 26-year-old loves himself some Chipotle and just couldn’t bear to give the stuff up.  His compromise? Intermittent fasting, macronutrient tracking, exercise, and Chipotle every day for three months. The result?  He lost 22-pounds in that three months along with 8% body fat.

This is the part that doesn’t sound the least bit fun.  He gave himself a window of 8 hours every day where he could eat.  During the other 16 he starved himself.  His daily Chipotle feast consisted of just chicken and rice to compliment whatever else he was picking on during his window…but never more than 1,800 calories on workout days, and 1,200 on non-workout days.

 For Marinelli, this experiment was a test to see how the body responds to dietary lifestyle changes. Of course, many nutritionists don’t recommend it.  With no fruits and veggies in the mix, there could be risk of “complications and nutrient deficiencies.”  All of that could eventually do more harm than good and can cause your metabolism to slow down to unhealthy levels.  So be smart – talk to your doc about your plans…and intermittent fasting does work for some folks



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