The Best Reactions to Last Night's Emotional GAME OF THRONES

Last night's GAME OF THRONES (Spoilers Ahead) was a build-up to next week's major battle of Winterfell. It was a chance to go deeper with some of the background characters, before they're all brutally killed by zombies in the coming weeks.

Tormund is clearly the fan-favorite this season. His Giantsbane story was a scene-stealer last night. He's dead in 2 episodes, tops. Right? There's no way he makes it to the final episode.

Among the other characters i'm expecting to die in the next battle: Brienne of Tarth (most likely sacrificing herself for Jamie), Podrick, one more dragon, Darvos, Samwell and Grey Worm.

Shout out to everyone who feverishly Googled Maisie Williams' age after her scene (She's 22! Congrats! Don't feel so creepy!)

Twitter had lots of reactions. Here's the best of the best:



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