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The Best Reactions to Game of Thrones #BattleOfWinterfell *SPOILERS AHEAD*


GOT fans have been preparing for the Battle of Winterfell since the White Walkers destroyed the wall at the end of last season. Last night was the culmination of a long build-up. The episode delivered one of the largest battle scenes ever put on television. Of course, there was one VERY common complaint. "It's too dark"

The dark was definitely a part of the mood. It worked well at times. When the Dothraki Screamers charged the horizon, it gave a very ominous tone to the coming battle. Watching those small fires disappear one by one was a powerful (and budget-saving) way to kill off thousands of characters.

But many scenes afterwards were hard to follow because of the dark, wintry weather

One the battle kicked in, we saw dragons blazing and wights crashing into the ramparts outside of Winterfell. some highlights:

  1. Jon Snow continued his strategy of "be surrounded by an overwhelming enemy force and get lucky to not die".
  2. Samwell proved he should not be allowed to fight for anything.
  3. Jorah locked down the title of 'friendzone champion for life." Even in death, he gets the side-hug from Dani.
  4. A lot of people died. But you didn't know most of them, unless you're deeply invested in "Unsullied soldiers in the background"
  5. Bran checked out and watched the battle through the eyes of some ravens.
  6. Apparently, the crypts were not 'the safest place to be", which anyone with half a brain would have thought of when battling a creature who can literally raise the dead.

The emotions of the entire series seemed to build for 80 minutes towards an epic moment between The Night King and Bran.

And then...Arya. My girl. From the top rope! Boom

Hard to believe we only have a few more episodes to wrap up this whole show. Jon and Dani lost their entire army, Winterfell is in shambles and WHERE IS GHOST???? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE FIND GHOST???

Enjoy your twitter reactions from last night We only get to do this a few more times, my friends. Let's make it good

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